August 16, 2013


1 Looking down from the  water tower (wearing Shirt Zara, glasses Zara, Jeans Hilfiger, Sneakers Converse Chucks), 2 The water tower 3 On our way back the German Railways was late as always so we bought enough smoothies for our stay (TWO HOURS!!), 4 Finally the next train...

Last week my little sister and I went to Mannheim by train, mainly to visit my grandma, but as you all might know, 'a little shopping never killed nobody'...
So, this morning after I had breakfast with my family we will leave for our holiday. Our destination: Croatia! We will take the car and make a stop in Austria in order to stay there over night. I am so happy to be there again 'cause I've been there already two years ago. Hopefully everything goes well! :) Have you already been on holiday? What is your destination?


  1. nice post!

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  3. nice sunnies!!!