September 12, 2013


1 Collage, 2 Welcoming the Sea, 3 When I see these colours..., 4 "Blinded by the lights..." :), 5;6 Ferry trip, 7 GELATO!! (don't need anything else to be happy), 8;9 Dancing threw the streets (weraing Zara Shirt, Skort, Bag and Glasses, Texto Sandals, handmade jewelry, blue AQUA bracelet)

As I already told you, I have a few more pictures from our two weeks in Croatia. These are taken on the island Rab. The Island really looks lovely with it's exactely four steeples. And it is so colourful compared to the island Paq!
When I look at these Photos I immediately want to be there again, in Germany we have some serious weather issues going on. (I'm already wearing knits and layers and winter coats...)
Now I still have around two Croatia-Posts before I show you some of the pictures my boyfriend and I shot in the swiss mountains. (We celebrated our 5 years anniversary!)
P.S. wanted to thank everyone for your lovely comments! :) See you soon! xo


  1. Great photos, looks like such a funnnn times. Love the bag!
    IG @gracenjio

  2. love your skort! :*