October 6, 2013


1/4/6/15 Picnics are one of my favorite things to do... (wering: Asos Jumper, Asos Shirt, Converse Chucks) 2/3 Lunch and Dessert 5 My Boyfriend on a big rock. Can you find him?! 7/16 The lake Partnun 8 He just LOVED me! 9 Teatime on a rainy Sunday in Luzern 10 Loved the lake 11 During lunch 12 The view... :) 13 Before our weekend in the mountains we've been in Zurich for a day and a night and enjoyed some cocktails in the evening 14 Boat tour on our last morning (wearing: Vila jacket, Asos Shirt, Hilfiger Jeans, Converse Chucks)

We went to Switzerland to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We stayed in Zurich for a night before we left for Partnun. A really tiny village which not even our navigation device found. We stayed there for a weekend before we left for Luzern for a rainy but lovely sunday.
Hope you had a lovely weekend and wish you all a good start into the week!