April 30, 2014



1/ Kisses with daisies 2/ Sunset on my way home 3/ Working desk 4/ Tired in train wearing Bershka Leather Jacket 5/ In Mainz with a "Mainzelmännchen" wearing Zara Shirt and Bag, Hilfiger Jeans and Converse 6+12/ Breakfast time at home 7/ Picnic in the wilderness wearing Zara pants, Asos Boyfriend Shirt 8/ My little goat buddy in the Zoo 9/ Having Picnic with Innocent Smoothies (Second best after True Fruits...) wearing Zara Moto Pants 10/ Lunch 11/ Outfit of the day wearing Zara Moto Pants (again... I've been looking for them in two different Stores and none of them had them in my size so I ended up ordering them on the Internet - Yay!) and Blouse, Michael Kors Watch

Just wanted to let you all know that I am keeping up! Still alive : ) It's almost summer and I'm getting in a good mood. X Mia

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